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Production Capabilities

Our requirements for producing dye sub textiles are quite different from those of traditional types of signage or banner media. A better understanding of how dye-sub works can save you time and money.

Digital dye-sub is entirely process color. We can print or image virtually any color you might want, but the fabric we start with is white. And because we produce our products digitally, there are no film or screens needed. In addition, our finishing capabilities allow Men of the Cloth to produce products of virtually any size and shape without excessive cost. Men of the Cloth does not charge for tiling, hemming, hot-knife trimming, grommets or the sewing of pole-pockets.


6-color process to white material (K,LC,C,LM,M,Y)
Photo-realistic print quality
Print up to 10' wide on a variety of materials
Precision tiling to any larger size

Complete finishing services

Custom sewing to any size and shape
Velcro applications
Liners and interfacing

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