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Our FlashWall is a large format display system combining durable fabric graphics with a light-weight expandable aluminum frame. Once assembled, the FlashWall fabric graphic stays attached to the aluminum frame, and stores in its own included soft sided roll away carry bag for fast and efficient use. Available with and without side panels, in both flat and curved configurations and with optional blockout layer. Extremely easy to use, durable and portable, the great-looking FlashWall is the perfect solution for exhibiting on the go.

Photo of FlashWall Stand setup

Stand Graphic Size
1x1 31" x 31"
1x2 31" x 60"
1x3 31" x 89.25"
2x2 60" x 60"
2x3 60" x 89.25"
3x3 89.25" x 89.25"
3x3 Curved* 108" x 89.25"
4x3 118.25" x 89.25"
4x3 Curved* 135" x 89.25"

*Note that curved Flashwalls come with side panels.
For custom sizes and configurations contact us.
Clip on lights are available for the FlashWall stands

FlashWall Stand

FlashWall Sizes

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