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Fabrics Guide

Men of the Cloth has a wide variety of stocked fabrics in different finishes and weights to support a broad spectrum of applications. Our stocked fabrics come in two width categories Standard and Grand Format.

Standard Format (58" width)

Fabric Width Weight Description
Polysatin 58" 4.0 oz High sheen, will wrinkle, works well in reproducing metallic like images
*Hercules 58" 9.0 oz Extremely durable, canvas finish
70 Taffetta 58" 2.4 oz Lightweight translucent material with a dull finish
Polysilk 58" 2.1 oz Lightweight translucent material with a slight sheen
250 Dacron 58" 4.0 oz Durable sailcloth material with slight sheen
*Gaming Suede 58" 7.6 oz Slightly knapped fabric used for gaming tables

Grand Format (116"-120" widths)

Fabric Width Weight Description
Celtic Cloth 120" 5.1 oz Low luster finish, wrinkle resistant, standard material for table coverings and FlashWalls
Polyduck 116" 6.1 oz Canvas material, very durable with a matte finish
Poplin 116" 4.5 oz Material similar to Celtic cloth but more susceptible to wrinkling, this is the standard material used for our banner stands
Satin Knit 120" 4.0 oz Glossy finish, similar to Celtic Cloth, works well in reproducing metallic like images
Ultrasheer 116" 1.6 oz Very sheer low luster material, extremely lightweight
*Stretch 120" 8.2 oz Stretchy material with a low luster finish
Flag 116" 3.9 oz Tight mesh material ideal for flags, standard material for flags and Wind Riders


  • All Grand Format fabrics come standard with fire retardant coating meeting the NFPA-FR701 requirement.
  • Standard Format fabrics can be fire retardant coated at an additional cost.
  • *Denotes premium fabrics. These materials are priced higher than standard fabrics.
  • This listing only represents our standard materials. We have a vast array of materials available. Contact us directly for more information.

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