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Digital Art Guidelines

To avoid possible delays and/or additional charges, please refer to the following guidelines when preparing your files for digital dye sub printing.

Men of the Cloth supports the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs up to the Creative Suite 5. Files submitted should be native to or directly supported by these applications. Note: We do not accept InDesign files, they must be converted to an Illustrator .eps or .ai format.

  • Proportions of artwork and placement must match those of the desired finished size.
  • Send only those files required to produce the job.
  • Colors should be specified using the Pantone system for the most accurate color match. Exact color matches are not always possible with process color. Consult the Pantone Color Bridge Guide for the applicable color reference.
  • Supported media includes CD and DVD.
Photoshop Files (raster OR bitmap images)
  • Must be Photoshop compatible
  • Must be CMYK (do not send RGB images)
  • Resolution for Photo Images should be 150ppi per finished in. (at output size)
  • Resolution for Line-Art images must be 300ppi per finished in. (at output size)
  • Do not upsize low-resolution images.
  • One layout per document
Illustrator Files (PostScript images)
  • Illustrator or Illustrator EPS compatible
  • Fonts converted to outlines
  • All placed files must be saved in an editable format and linked
  • Do not embed placed images
  • One layout per document
*Men of the Cloth is NOT responsible for spelling or other errors on customer supplied files.*

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