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Convertible Throws

Our Convertible Throw is an 8 ft Table Throw that converts to a 6 ft fitted table cover through the use of strategically placed Velcro strips. It is ideal for those switching back and forth between 6 and 8 ft tables. Full color printing is standard on the front panel at 72"w x 29"h, with top, sides and back that are standard white or *black. All our table covers are:

- Durable
- Compact
- Lightweight
- Wrinkle Resistant
- Machine Washable
- Fire Retardant
(NFPA FR701)

*We use pre-dyed black fabric for the non printed panels and though we make every effort to match this material with our printed black, it is often not possible for an exact match.

Template Dowload:

Convertible Table Throw Template

Convertible Table Throw, 8 ft Table Throw Configuration 8 ft Table Throw Configuration
Convertible Table Throw, 6 ft Table cover Configuration 6 ft Fitted Configuration

Top, sides and back are finished in white or *black.

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